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Mirror O Mirror

Mirror O mirror,

“Who’s the prettiest of them all?”
Is not even my question anymore.
I dare you this day.
Reflect my senses today.
My misery, my inadequacy, my helplessness, if you may.

Do not just show my hair and skin, reflect my soul.
Reflect anything or nothing at all but I beg for your mercy,
Stop showing me my fake smile, Oh it kills me.
Do not reflect how I look.
Don’t say that I look too heavy or too papery; too tall or stout. Don’t say that I have blemishes or crystal clear skin. Do not even say that I’m perfect. Make me face my flaws and my strengths. Do not get deceived by these flashes or the hazy moonlight. Show me how my soul is, dirty or clean. Reveal my true identity if you will.
I have this bottle with a few sips of lasciviousness left resting in solitude. Reveal before it vanishes, right before I take the last sip, weed-like, like me. The littlest last few drops which everyone likes to leave, the drops that go down the drain, reflect right now because Oh, I’m just done.
This time I’ll shatter you for your biasedness for I cannot handle how double faced you often get.
This time, I’d not let it go.
So dear mirror,
reveal or regret, the choice is yours.



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