Writer's Clan

Create A World

They say seven billion people reside here,

Gain strength with time and sometimes cry in fear,

Grow apples, oranges, and limes

And love the sheep they rear;

They know about the sweet and bitter fruits

Broken stems and torn apart roots,

Yet, celebration never loses its way

And faith grows like it could never sway;

Yet you ask all the whys

When you have witnessed smiles growing out of cries;

It isn’t the gold that becomes the mould for pleasure

Or the medals that pedal the cycle of felicity,

But the power to shower the belief

And create a new journey towards relief;

So, if you think about the thorns

And forget how they were sworn,

Take a deep breath and look inside you,

There will be a rainbow of green, yellow, red and blue,

Use this, and colour the grey areas into something new!

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