Writer's Clan


How irrelevant can a person’s life be? You can be what you want to be and you try to do that. Your whole life in a loophole, running after that one thing when you can be thousands of other things. Still hammering that one heart you got, still going to places that remind you of your downfall, deliberately taking a step towards the abyss that will take you nowhere and you’ll keep on gasping, heartbeats running on the speed of lightning; you’ll keep on falling into the nothingness. It will slowly gulp up and suck out all the light. It will show you darkness.
Just when you get used to it, it’ll throw you back up to a place where smashed, bloody beating heart lies and gives you a second chance to fix it.
Echoes will be abundant.
“Pick it up, start again now.”
You’ll pick it up.
You’ll pick up the hammer again and smash that one heart all over again.
But you can still be whatever you want to be, but if your past still holds your back, you won’t be.


-Aishwarya Diwakar

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