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Your past will catch up,

No matter how fast you run,

Because when you pant,

Or lose your breath,

Or believe that you left it far behind,

Your past will creep up your spine,

With soft deadly fingers,

And tilt your world.

Picture by Laiba Khan
All About the Lens

When Windows Become Mirrors

Picture by Wajiha Haider

What do you see?
The colors worn on the sunny gay days
By the prisms of your recollections?
Or the greasy imprints of hard times
Left behind like a stubborn glue
When the color papers are taken away,
Made into paperplanes for some other fortunate?
I ask you again
What do you see?
The windows shut, denying welcome
Or yourself, who broke open them.

All About the Lens

एक नज़र

Picture by Wajiha Haider

क्या ताक रही हैं तू इधर, ऐ ज़िंदगी;
क्या अपने गुरूर को इज़ाफा देने के लिए नज़र गड़ाई हैं
या मुझे दी गई नेमत पर तुझे लालच आई हैं?

All About the Lens, Writer's Clan


Picture by Wajiha Haider

वो मुसाफ़िर अपनी मंज़िलों को मुस्कुराता देख चला गया

और हम यहाँ बेफिज़ूल का रास्ता नापते रेह गए।


“Wo musaafir apni manzilon ko muskurata dekh chala gaya

Aur hum yahan befazool ka raasta naapte reh gaye.”


“That wanderer kept smiling at the places passing by,

And here we were left stuck still measuring distances.”