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Happy Death Day Review

Happy Death Day is a 2017 American film. The story is about a self-centered college-going girl who wakes up on her birthday in a dorm room which belongs to a student named Carter. By the end of the day she gets murdered by a mysterious killer and wakes up back in the dorm room, starting at the exact same day.
When she tells Carter of the situation, he figures that she has unlimited number of lives to solve her own murder.
Although this movie has an interesting story, I found the ending a little disappointing. This movie could have done a lot better if they had planned out the ending, as the killer being who it was didn’t make much sense or answer the question as to why she was dying and then waking up, over and over again. Even then, I’d say I did not regret spending my time on this movie and would recommend it if you’re looking for a thriller/slasher.
Overall the story has a new and interesting concept, and the actors have done a very good job at playing their roles.

With a hint of comedy and thrill, this movie makes for a perfect one time watch.

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Humans or Goods?​

So we run around boldly waving the flags of non-discrimination in our daily lives, but believe me when I tell you, it has a significant presence in our lives. More than we can even imagine.
We come across advertisements of matrimony websites and agencies often. Now one common thing in all of those advertisements is that the parents keep looking for matches for their daughters with a perfect physique, having a massive bank account, living in a farmhouse with a joint family. How about trying to find someone with a good heart? How about finding someone who will love their daughters?
Not far behind are newspapers that host a separate segment among all different types of products advertisements where people send in their requirements for their partners such as their height, their complexion, their religion, etc. as if they’re applying filters like when they shop online. And among all of this, there’s a separate section which has demands of high profile matches.
What’s wrong with everyone? What are we trying to do over here? Buying humans? How is this any different from the slave trade back in the 20th century, where the wealthy brought people according to their needs? Where’s all the philosophy about having a partner that cares for you, that understands you, that gives you comfort, that loves you truly, not just for what requirements of theirs that you fulfill but for who you are?
You may not agree with me because when it’s about actually implementing non-discrimination we tend to forget about it. Our definitions of it change because it isn’t favorable for us anymore.
That’s who we are and that’s what we’ve become. These are the realities we are creating around us and this is what’s going to lead to our doom one day.

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Doctor Who Review

To be honest, ‘Doctor Who’ is the best TV show I’ve ever seen in the recent years of my life! It is a British science fiction show produced by the BBC in 1963. It features the adventures of a man who calls himself “The Doctor”. He is a timelord from a planet called Gallifrey and travels through time and space in his bigger on the inside time machine, TARDIS. He always takes a human companion along with him on his adventures and can regenerate. Every time he dies, he has 12 regenerations in all and every time he regenerates he has a new face with a new personality. Trust me, every Doctor touches your heart in such a way that you’re gonna cry in all 12 regenerations! No other show has this level of bravery, kindness, and humanity and each episode of this show has a soul and will leave you breathless! It’s so brilliantly presented that I am running out of words to describe it but I would like to say that if you have not watched this series you’re missing a lot in life, buddy! So go on and find out who your favourite doctor and quote is!

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Picture by Wajiha Haider

वो मुसाफ़िर अपनी मंज़िलों को मुस्कुराता देख चला गया

और हम यहाँ बेफिज़ूल का रास्ता नापते रेह गए।


“Wo musaafir apni manzilon ko muskurata dekh chala gaya

Aur hum yahan befazool ka raasta naapte reh gaye.”


“That wanderer kept smiling at the places passing by,

And here we were left stuck still measuring distances.”

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Storms And Tranquility.

Part One.

He counted the lights in the urban city down the lane while I counted his scars. I wondered how he smiled so often with those heavy stitches on his lips. He said these were the consequences of bottling up too many secrets within himself. I always felt a very strong connection with him for we shared most of the cuts, those upon the soul. These scars were only for the body but on the inside, they were wounds that would rot me to death. He made my wounds shine over its cracks and told me how I was so beautiful with them on my skin. I used to believe that the world was dark, hiding deepest secrets behind every face. He told that it was the bright glint in my eyes that was eclipsed by the darkness and negative vibes of some undeserving people. I used to believe that my past followed me only to haunt me as I kept closing all doors to keep myself away from it, but he called me from behind a closed door and asked me to learn from my mistakes. I was a mess with all broken threads of trust, he was the magic that tied all knots to one that lead me to him. I sulked over the thought that I was better off alone with the fire within me. He took me to the darkest places where I learnt to become my own source of satisfaction. I was raised with the myth that a girl and a boy could have only a love tangent with each other. Here, I am standing on the top of the world having him for a lifetime as a friend. The two minds with a set of different thoughts where I felt we met by destiny and he claimed destiny was just an illusion.
“It’s our pain that found each other.” He said.

~Simran Riyaz

|instagram: @yourshishterr