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Later or soon.

The sun will die,
so will the moon.
Sorrow will come,
later or soon.

To shread you to piece,
to break your heart,
you’ll forget,
the peace you had in start.

It might shake you to core,
and leave you sore,
but be prepared,
for what’s in store.

Loads of joy,
will bring you to sense,
with the peace again,
you’ll commence.

The love will live on and on,
whether it’s dusk or it’s dawn,
you’ll smile after you frown,
the moon will again come to town,
the sun will again have it’s crown.

Writer's Clan

Brooke Ellison – The Venturous Lady

From quite a long time I wanted to write about Brooke Ellison, a quadriplegic who is a politician but ofcourse she is one amongst us.

It all began when she was coming back home, on her first day of junior high school. A young girl, eleven year old, strolling while swinging arms and singing melodies, all breezy and happy. Little did she know, that the car rushing towards her would bump into her and snatch away her independency leaving her paralysed from neck down.

After spending days in hospital and rehabilitation centres, she somehow survived the grievous accident but now was dependent on her mother. Now came the time for school, an inquisitive and enthusiastic student like her would have never missed school. But given her condition she couldn’t have done it, if it wasn’t for her mother who managed to help her out with it. Her mother became her chaperoning hero, accompanying her everywhere. Brooke became the first quadriplegic student at Harvard. She not only graduated but also secured a doctorate degree from Stony Brook university. Ellison teamed up with director James Siegel to create the winning documentary “Hope Deferred”, which aims to educate the general public about embryonic stem cell research. Brooke Ellison ran for New York State senate as a Democrat in 2016 but was defeated by the Republican incumbent, John Flanagan.

The reason why I wanted to write about her is to make the common oblivion public out there aware of some people who are famous yet not famous. We focus on issues related to religion, caste, creed, nationality etc while ignoring the people who are worthy to know about as they spread positivity by showing how they suffered yet emerged victorious. I would surely suggest you to watch the movie ‘The Brooke Ellison Story’ and feel the sufferings of Brooke and her mother, how they kept moving on to fetch the ultimate goal of ‘education’.

Writer's Clan

Down the forest path

She had promised herself not to travel in a car after the accident she had witnessed. But here she was, in an SUV, right in the middle of a forest, with four others, one of which, was her elder sister. Being the youngest, aged 15, couldn’t refuse the invitation. It was 6:00 am and were still in the car, with no phone reception. Daisy had no choice but to engage herself with the outside view. Mountain roads made her nothing but more anxious and everyone in the car except her slept soundly. They weren’t able to find a place to stay at night, and yet everyone seemed unbothered. “Adults” Daisy thought “Only God can understand what they do”.

Feeling suffocated, she stepped out of the car and looked for landmarks before wandering off. Among all the trees that surrounded them, she spotted a small sign at a distance. While she started walking towards it, she wondered who put it over there right in middle of a forest. As the leaves and the branches beneath her rustled, she moved in close to the sign. It was rusted and looked like it was easily around 70-80 years old. ‘Bunny
Burrow’ the sign read. “What?” she whispered to herself and rolled her eyes and started moving ahead, in hopes of finding phone reception.

She didn’t realize when she wandered into this deserted colony. It was a small town in a circular shape. All the houses spread out in perfect blocks from the center. From the top, it looked like one giant cake with pieces cut
into triangles. It seemed to be built around an enormous rabbit statue which seemed too real to be stationery. It was almost 2’5” and had a green gem embedded in its chest. It held a cane in its hand and wore a black hat and circular glasses. The town was relatively clean and empty. It was deserted, yet everything was in a perfect condition as if people lived there but only that, they weren’t there for some reason.

She now had phone reception and her phone suddenly buzzed several times consecutively. She glanced at the screen and slid it into her pocket as she stepped closer to the statue, in a way, as if making sure it isn’t alive. Mesmerized by it, she reached out and gently placed her finger on the green gem embedded near the chest.
“Ah!” the statue gasped, suddenly coming into color. Her eyes widened as the rabbit jumped down from the podium, the green gem still attached to its chest which seemed to be the only thing he had on.

“Oh, oh! Thank you, thank you! Young lady.” He hopped and grabbed her hand, pulling it down. He shook it vigorously.

“You’re….. Welcome?”

She said not believing the sight of the 2 foot tall, talking bunny who seemed to have a British accent. He noticed her widened gaze and looked down at himself “Oh Sweet Easter Bunny!” he said as if in disbelief while covering himself with his paws.

“Lower your gaze would you? Where are my clothes?”

Daisy squinted at him “clothes? You wear clothes?”

“Oh dear miss, please excuse me but we too have some code of decency! I apologize, for now I have to leave.”

He said as he took a few steps to the right and scurried off. She glanced at the podium nameplate which lay empty after ‘Mr.’

“Daisy!” her sister called. She turned around to see her sister’s agitated face and the three of her friends, two guys and a girl panting behind her. “Ellen! Look at this place!” Daisy yelled. Her sister squinted with a worried expression “You’re… You’re in the middle of a forest. There is literally nothing here.”

Daisy turned around and looked at the trees as she got dragged away by her sister. “It wasn’t a dream.” she said to herself as she saw the 28 texts and 5 missed calls when her phone didn’t have a signal.

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If there was one really amazing thing that 2017 gave us, you have to count this Television Series which has brought back the enthusiastic life at the New York City from the goggle-eyes of three young yet ambitious women.

With only a season, the show revolves around Jan (writer), Kate (social-media manager) and Sutton (Secretary aspiring to break into fashion) who together work at the fashion-magazine-Scarlett, whose Chief Editor Jacqueline Carlyle is another woman known for her style and sense of magazine business which has made Scarlett what it is today. (read: Teen Vogue). Apart from it’s obvious resemblance to ‘Sex and The City’, what makes the show stand out is not just the bond shown between the characters but the way it deals with current issues and the way each character develops over the period of the 10 episodes.

Consider for instance, Jacqueline thrusts Jane to experience the process of being a writer, be it stalking her ex-boyfriend, undertaking the breast cancer examination or learning the secret behind fake orgasms! Kat, a young and smart woman who knows how to touch just the right tip of the young social media followers, not only grapples with the run-of-the-mill online abuse but also with her sexual identity on a different level combined with the political issue of homosexuality in the second world and third world countries to which she has never been to! (No character reference to avoid spoilers). The makers of the show further hit a jackpot when it comes to showcasing the diversity which New York or for that matter any international city reveals in, including the assorted range of ethnicity, religion, identities etc. and their evolving interaction with the traditional white straight catholic society who generally overshadow all the major events and characters in a show or a movie. Sutton’s character gives you an insight into the residual practical matters the youth grapples with everyday, the usual being love vs career, things you want to do vs things you have to do to pay those student loans, hence providing the much needed mature angle to the storyline of the trio.

The pleasant change this show offers is the cool and calm nature of the Chief Editor, a successful woman, yet in every way supportive and encouraging rather than the usual shrill, angry and bossy women. She is not tagged with difficulties of personal life to highlight the sanctity and seriousness of things she has achieved as the editor of Scarlett.

The show not only deals with lesser talked about issues but does so with style and effectiveness which is just enough to make you want to think. It has scenes as good as the railway platform scene and the moments as great and thrilling as the last episode of ‘Carry the Weight’. It wouldn’t be wrong to deny that the series has a female perspective and the male cast simply supplement the story, but then again, what’s wrong if it’s meant to be that way?!

Watson binds the episodes comfortably well in a storyline which is intriguing as well as makes you happy, giggle yet think and accept a lot of things we still would rather ignore.

The Bold Type is just the right series to enjoy a laid back weekend where you are not only going to be engaged but will be entertained and happy being so in the true sense.