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Create A World

They say seven billion people reside here,

Gain strength with time and sometimes cry in fear,

Grow apples, oranges, and limes

And love the sheep they rear;

They know about the sweet and bitter fruits

Broken stems and torn apart roots,

Yet, celebration never loses its way

And faith grows like it could never sway;

Yet you ask all the whys

When you have witnessed smiles growing out of cries;

It isn’t the gold that becomes the mould for pleasure

Or the medals that pedal the cycle of felicity,

But the power to shower the belief

And create a new journey towards relief;

So, if you think about the thorns

And forget how they were sworn,

Take a deep breath and look inside you,

There will be a rainbow of green, yellow, red and blue,

Use this, and colour the grey areas into something new!

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Issue #4 August 2017

Hi Everyone!

BLACK | Grey | WHITE is excited to release our Issue #4 August 2017!

For our August Issue, we’ve worked really hard to come up with better and more engaging content. BGW Minis inspired by Terrible Tiny Tales, Travel Piece, Reviews and a lot of amazing pictures as usual!

We have a lot of great stuff in this Issue and would be very grateful if you see the Issue! Be sure to check it out!

The amazing cover picture was shot by Sagarika Debnath!

Click Here to view the latest Issue of BGW:

Issue #4 August 2017


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.24.58 PM
Issue #4 August 2017
Writer's Clan

We, the society

Is it a person or a group of people?
Or is it just another illusion as God?
Though fear is related to so many things,
Religion, caste, tradition, supernatural and mystic;
Society is one word which tops it all.
Who forms it? Who rules it?
Who makes the laws to abide by in it?
No one knows.
But behind every flutter of a short skirt,
Or every person trying to live on his own terms,
Somebody whispers,
Like a gust of wind flowing by;
‘Society’ is watching.
‘Society’ is criticizing.
From the breaths of every transgender
To the kisses of every bisexual,
Everyone who is different from a man or woman,
Ignoring the ones who don’t deserve to be human;
‘Society’ is counting,
‘Society’ is abusing.
Be it the loose flesh of a heavy body,
Or the bones poking from a lean sculpture,
All who are tall or short,
All who is fair or dark;
‘Society’ is noticing,
‘Society’ is laughing.
The girl there, oh she has stopped going out with her own brother,
The man there, oh he now avoids helping even a single girl.
Because one look and somebody judged,
The girl was too young to have a boyfriend;
Because one helping approach and somebody felt,
The man was too sweet to not be a flirt.
Who is this ‘society’?
Tracking our each step,
Measuring every word we say,
Knocking us at every fault,
With an invisible comment
From an unwritten rule book.
Who is it?
If you ever stared hard at the homosexuals,
Or avoided talking to someone just by looking at them,
You are society.
If you ever thought low of someone because of his broken English,
Or of someone’s old-fashioned attire,
You are society.
You are society in every moment you feel something is not according to you,
Someone is not the way as expected by you.
Learn that you don’t decide who lives freely here,
This world is yours and so is theirs.
Stop being the society.
Stop others from being it.
And someday, everyone will be doing what they wish to.
There will be no suicides, no hatred,
No judgments, no comments,
No fear, no deliracy;
No anxiety,
No society.

Writer's Clan

Favourite Poetry

Your colour may be fading,
Or just seem to lose its lustre
As the golden rays have set towards west.
But don’t let your heart shiver.
Your beauty is not only by the yellow tint on your cover,
It’s the shine from within
Which stays bright throughout sun and moon.
It cannot be violated by the vile of night,
It cannot be burnt by the rays of morning.
And no matter how many people
Read you,
Appreciate you,
Distort you,
Tear you,
You’ll forever be my favourite poetry.