Writer's Clan

Incomplete Affairs

No matter how many times they tell us not to,
Let’s risk it all on one flip of the coin.
Come, let’s walk on these dark alleys of my heart,
And shine a little bit.
Do away with this layer of immaturity,
Let your naked heart feel the winds of sin.
Afraid of hurting me while you let your breath to live,
Let’s tell each other to peep at the hidden injuries.
I won’t ask you why you got that scar on your belly,
Or that burn on your thigh.
I’ll just allow your soul to seep into mine,
The warmth from my heart to melt the ice in you.
And when you get restless with the fear of commitments,
We’ll change the nomenclature too.
Just be here with me as the sky changes from violet to blue as it always does when we’re together,
Listen to me as I sail from the waterfalls to the lakes in a second.
Hold my hand as the rocks change to pebbles
And I swear, I will never announce this love.