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Har Zakhm Ki Dawa

Picture by Sadaf Siddiqui

“La ilaha teri shaan ya wahdahoo
Tu khayaal-o-tajassus tu he aarzoo
Aankh ki roshni dil ki awaaz tu
Tha bhi tu, hai bhi tu, hoga bhi tu hee tu”

-Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Submission by Sadaf Siddiqui

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Artwork by Zoya Azmi

“Some of us are paintings, waiting to dry. Some of us blank sheets of paper, waiting to be touched. Some of us are waiting to be framed. We all are works of art just waiting to be finished.”

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13 Lessons From 13 Reasons Why

13 Reasons Why is the series that has shaken a lot of people and brought out things that probably some of us only thought of letting the world know. Those tapes did not only narrate Hannah’s story, they spoke a lot about today’s reality through her.
This series may be depressing for some and too much for many, but the truth is that it has spoken a lot of truth. It has showcased those little things which all of us ignore too easily.



Here are the 13 lessons one can learn from 13 Reasons Why:

1. Look beyond the words

We all are so used to assuming everything and focussing only on little parts that are offered to us that we often forget that there is a depth to everything. We have lost the strength to read people’s eyes, their hearts and so believe in all the superficial things. So, look beyond the words that they speak. Connect with people through your heart. Look at the little things they do and not just believe in every word of theirs. And if they are opening up, pay a little more attention.

2. Now is the time, speak whatever you want to.

There is no guarantee that your thoughts or feelings will reach the other person if you don’t speak it by yourself. Don’t wait because you never know when it is too late. You never know it could be the last time you see someone, don’t let the regret make a home in you. Just go and tell the other person how you feel without thinking too much about the consequences. Clay could have saved a life and you can probably mend a heart.

3. Objectifying somebody’s body is a big NO.

We all, intentionally or unintentionally, have given tags to a person based on their bodies. Judged them and perhaps broken their wall of confidence too. Why? For fun? It may not be the same with them. “Best or worst” tag game can ruin a lot than we can ever think of.

4. Know the meaning of friendship.

Making friends for your benefit or leaving your friends halfway is nothing to be proud of. Either you make friends and stick by them, or you don’t be friends in the first place. Stick to your friends and most importantly, know how they are doing. They may not say aloud, but make sure that they are not suffering alone.

5. Crime can never be “okay”.

Committing crimes in the name of having fun and then saying “Everything will be okay” is not at all alright. Nobody has a right to ruin other person’s life in the name of fun.

6. Let’s stop stalking.

We are so obsessed with knowing what’s happening in other person’s lives that we often forget that we are no less than stalkers. All those social sites have made stalking a part of our lives and some of us take it too seriously. That’s how dark thoughts and acts enter their mind.

7. Don’t watch, act.

We cannot simply witness a crime being committed. Instead, we need to gather strength to confront boldly and stop the criminal. We can easily watch and talk, but when it comes to acting, our generation loses all the strength which we think we have. We can be a little courageous and face the situation, can’t we?

8. Ruining somebody’s reputation for building our own is an act of cowardice.

How many more people will we knock down to build our reputation? Do we even deserve it after letting somebody down for no good reason? If you want to be known and respected, become like that by working hard. Crushing someone to walk two steps ahead can’t help you to reach far.

9. Keep your words.

If you promise something, keep it. Don’t ruin somebody’s trust, even if that person is dead. If you have taken the responsibility, fulfill it. Who can teach this better than Tony?

10. Notice sudden changes in people.

Good or bad, a change should not remain unnoticed. Notice sudden changes in people and make an effort to understand the reason behind that.

11. “The way we treat each other should be better”.

Let’s treat each other like humans, yeah? Bullying, raping and all those things can destroy all of us. Then why not focus on good things and treat each other in a better way?

12. Caring can never be old-fashioned.

Remember Hannah’s lines? “All of you cared.. but not enough”. Only if they could care enough to know and understand that Hannah Baker was a lot more than those rumours. Care, yes, care to know the reality, care to know what people are going through and care enough to make sure that they don’t stand alone in the darkness.

13. Depression asks for support, acceptance and a little love.

Depression is too underrated. We hardly bother about each other to even know that they may be suffering from something that is beyond physical wounds. Depressed people are not like that because of any petty issue, it’s a snowball. A snowball that grows bigger as situations keep rolling and can only be melted by some support, acceptance, and love. It is isolation that makes it worse.
This series can be just another one for somebody, but it really is doing great in giving a reality check to all the ignorant souls out there.