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Riverdale Review

To anyone who has read the Archie comics (even one book), the title should be enough to get you interested. If not, then here you go!

Riverdale is a CW original series which, to be precise, is a deeper and darker version of the Archie comics. It is also available on Netflix as soon as the Episode is aired on Television.


The storyline is alluring and thrilling, and personally, I, myself, being an Archie comic fan wasn’t disappointed with this series a bit. The show has an amazing cast which adds on to the thrilling mystery and murder. This series absorbs you into itself, you will not regret a second that you put in this series and while everyone has their own perspective, for me it is a worth watching series and since it’s available on Netflix, you are allowed to binge watch! Which is something this series is probably meant for. The characters, the storyline, and the thrill will keep you on the edge of your seats and make you fall in love with it and as for the characters. The story doesn’t focus on only one character and its story, instead, it tells the story of each and every character. Everyone in the series has their own story which gives every character equal weight. The first season focuses on the mysterious murder of the son of a very well known businessman, Jason Blossom and when Archie and his friends engage in solving the murder of a fellow schoolmate, they simultaneously keep finding out their own family’s connection with the incidents and various hidden secrets and even though you find out the mystery of the murder by the end the first series. The mysteries that unfold with it will keep you excited for the second season. So if you were considering watching it, go right ahead!