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Storms And Tranquility.

Part One.

He counted the lights in the urban city down the lane while I counted his scars. I wondered how he smiled so often with those heavy stitches on his lips. He said these were the consequences of bottling up too many secrets within himself. I always felt a very strong connection with him for we shared most of the cuts, those upon the soul. These scars were only for the body but on the inside, they were wounds that would rot me to death. He made my wounds shine over its cracks and told me how I was so beautiful with them on my skin. I used to believe that the world was dark, hiding deepest secrets behind every face. He told that it was the bright glint in my eyes that was eclipsed by the darkness and negative vibes of some undeserving people. I used to believe that my past followed me only to haunt me as I kept closing all doors to keep myself away from it, but he called me from behind a closed door and asked me to learn from my mistakes. I was a mess with all broken threads of trust, he was the magic that tied all knots to one that lead me to him. I sulked over the thought that I was better off alone with the fire within me. He took me to the darkest places where I learnt to become my own source of satisfaction. I was raised with the myth that a girl and a boy could have only a love tangent with each other. Here, I am standing on the top of the world having him for a lifetime as a friend. The two minds with a set of different thoughts where I felt we met by destiny and he claimed destiny was just an illusion.
“It’s our pain that found each other.” He said.

~Simran Riyaz

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Music for the soul

Well, I can begin with some random statistics to show how it is scientifically proven that music is important in our life and then give you an example of one of the experiments that were carried on by the scientists wherein they took two plants and one of them was made to hear soothing music and other wasn’t, so the one was hearing music grew fast and healthy and other didn’t. Meh. Too mainstream. Let’s do something different.

Remember the time when you were sad or depressed? Probably because you went through a breakup or had a fight with your friend or lost someone. What did you do? Whom did you turn to when no was there to listen to you what you had  to say? Linkin Park, Eminen, Imagine Dragons, etc and got through your pain through their melodies.

Remember the time when you were going to play in a state level sport or going to appear for some very important exam and you plugged in your earphones and heard some crazy, insane rock songs that helped you gain confidence and pushed you a bit which took away the fear of losing or failure and you performed exceptionally well?

And then sometimes you just hear it because you want to. While travelling or maybe just to pass your time.

This is how important music is for us. Take out music from any of those moments and you would have been a different person today. Believe it or not, music shapes our personalities, makes us who we are. It defines us. We don’t need some random experiment carried out by scientists under controlled conditions to prove it when we ourselves are the proof of how music shape us to realise its importance. All we need to do is, listen to some more and each time you do, just ask yourselves what decision you would’ve taken if you didn’t hear to music in that exact moment and the proof will be staring at you right in your face.

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At Peace


Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi


Past through the maze of steels and bricks

I have come beyond the cradle of nature.

No raindrop kiss on my head,

No promise of a blissful lullaby,

Just my solitude, at peace.