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Issue #3 July 2017


The Issue #3 July 2017 is out now!

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Issue #3 July 2017

Issue #3 July 2017

All About the Lens


Picture by Suhail Ahmad

Listen to your heart, it knows all things. Because it came from the soul of the world, and it will one day return there.

All About the Lens

Har Zakhm Ki Dawa

Picture by Sadaf Siddiqui

“La ilaha teri shaan ya wahdahoo
Tu khayaal-o-tajassus tu he aarzoo
Aankh ki roshni dil ki awaaz tu
Tha bhi tu, hai bhi tu, hoga bhi tu hee tu”

-Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan


Submission by Sadaf Siddiqui

All About the Lens, Writer's Clan


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Picture by Sagarika Debnath

“Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy?
Woe is me, if we’re not careful turns into reality
Don’t you dare let our best memories bring you sorrow
Yesterday I saw a lion kiss a deer
Turn the page maybe we’ll find a brand new ending
Where we’re dancing in our tears.”

– Lost Stars by Adam Levine

Writer's Clan


The whole of social media is now raging with just one topic: Depression. While this word has a simple meaning, it’s a crucial stage to be in. People confuse it with sadness and yes, it is similar. It is a prolonged state of unhappiness, continued for several weeks, which may result in tremendous urge to inflict self harm or injury.

It is a sad fact that today, 75% of the young generation ‘calls’ itself to be depressed. It’s like, depression is the new cool. I’m not mocking at any person but these are my views. People go around everywhere saying they are depressed. While some ignore them, others extend an understanding hand towards them which is totally justified. But what these ‘depressed’ people need to understand is that life won’t move at the pace and track you decide for it. I see everyone posting quotes like, “I want the old-school love with letters and flowers and this and that.” Why are you not asking for that old-schooler patience and calmness also? Why is only the golden side being focused at? We say that models have set a standard as of how a female body should look like and this is why, fat people feel out of crowd. Yes, absolutely. But why do we never say that we’ve set a beautiful romantic standard of love and this is why, our generation has become sheerly incapable to handle a bit of pain?


To all the ‘depressed’ souls out here, what are you depressed at, young fellow? A heartbreak? Well I have also suffered from it but never wanted to kill myself. Broken bonds with friends? I too have lost quiet a few over the years and now when I see, I realize it wasn’t only their fault. Least-understanding parents? I also have that kind only just because I prefer keeping my things to myself and not sharing with my parents. What more? Bad grades? Teachers’ scolding? Oh darling, these problems can never make you ‘depressed’. Do you know how it feels like when you have to feed a whole family and you can hardly earn a one-time meal? The mental pressure then can cause depression. Do you know how it feels when you are seeing your ill child taking his last breath in your very lap and you can’t do anything? The self-hatred then can cause depression. Do you know how it feels when you want to talk but you have no one as your better half has expired and you’re too old for young people to talk with? The helplessness then can cause depression.

You, young soul, aren’t depressed. You’re just yet another one of the generation I belong to where people have lost hopes and courage to fight. Go, have a look at the world once, look at the slums of India, look at the children in Syria and then talk of sadness and depression. Sitting in an air-conditioned room, using unlimited internet packs won’t teach you the meaning of depression. It’s just a phase and this too shall pass if you focus on what’s good rather than what’s gone wrong. You’re much privileged that you’ve got a platform to voice your pain. If you think no one understands you, talk to strangers. Find your peace there. And if you get no one, remember you have yourself all the time. Fight with your situations and know, depression is not in your life, it’s just an overrated term in your head. We need to look beyond our own world and be empathetic, kind and helpful towards others.