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Welcoming 2018!

Happy New Year!

January 1st, New Year or also known as the day to make resolutions for the coming year.

Resolutions help us become a better person or correct a habit that you might not like about yourself or even make the world a better place by contributing. Sometimes, we fail at executing it and sometimes, we don’t. But even a simple change in yourself can be the ripple to a life-changing wave.

Here are 6 simple life-changing resolutions that you can make for 2018:

  1. Show more kindness

    It is important to show kindness to everyone who deserves it. You must try to be more empathetic towards the conditions of others.

  2. Learn to say, “No”!

    While helping everyone and trying to fit in is important, it is also important to help oneself. You must learn to say, “NO” to things that go against your principles. Resist peer pressure and make no false promises.

  3. Spend more time with family

    If you were ever a family person, maybe this is the year you should change that. Spend more time with your family, make memories and get to know more about each other.

  4. Step out of your comfort zone

    It is important to explore every once in a while and step out of your comfort zone. It might seem scary in the beginning but it can lead up to a whole bunch of new experiences and self-discovery.

  5. Fly high but remember to land and stay grounded

    Always remember that compliments shouldn’t get to your head and criticism shouldn’t get to your heart.

  6. Believe in planning but also appreciate spontaneity

    Learn to plan more often and do it in a better way but also be prepared just in case it doesn’t work out. Also, indulge yourself in spontaneity more often.

Let’s welcome 2018 with warm hands, clear minds, jolly smiles and happy hearts!

Writer's Clan


Sometimes I wonder why my words look like that lunar eclipse, shadowing the moon which holds in itself the dark secrets of the universe. My words were supposed to be art. They were supposed to make me and everyone else feel something but apparently, they are too gloomy, like the grief that is too cauterized to be touched and too raw to be spoken of.
I have been fascinated about the breaking of the night into little glow sticks for a long time, I have been an audience to the horror show of tragedies and comedies taking place simultaneously and I have written about them endlessly.
And today when the universe has reversed its pace; when the friable moon has made its place between the life and the star and turned the reflections upon us red… I wonder if we will survive this loop, the playlist of the most depressing songs which is never-ending, the comedy that occurs just to clear the way for another tragedy, the momentary happiness they give us.
…and about art, what will be its significance if destruction and draining emotions are considered to be tragically artistic? If that is art then I want none of it. The way you describe it can be art but somebody free falling into an abyss cannot be. If that’s art, I reject being an artist.
Today, we are told again not to look up at the sky, not because of malevolence or corrosion but just because they want it these ways, they want us to fantasize tragedies because someday, giving up on ourselves will never feel easier! A little effort is all it takes.
//of eclipses that cast a lot more than a shadow…
-Aishwarya Diwakar