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Issue #4 August 2017

Hi Everyone!

BLACK | Grey | WHITE is excited to release our Issue #4 August 2017!

For our August Issue, we’ve worked really hard to come up with better and more engaging content. BGW Minis inspired by Terrible Tiny Tales, Travel Piece, Reviews and a lot of amazing pictures as usual!

We have a lot of great stuff in this Issue and would be very grateful if you see the Issue! Be sure to check it out!

The amazing cover picture was shot by Sagarika Debnath!

Click Here to view the latest Issue of BGW:

Issue #4 August 2017


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Issue #4 August 2017
All About the Lens, Illustrations and Artworks, Writer's Clan

Issue #3 July 2017


The Issue #3 July 2017 is out now!

Click on this link to download the PDF of this:

Issue #3 July 2017

Issue #3 July 2017

All About the Lens


Picture by Suhail Ahmad

Listen to your heart, it knows all things. Because it came from the soul of the world, and it will one day return there.

Writer's Clan

The Musical Tale

He was the universe

Full of rock

And the best of pop,

Always hitting hard

And captivating world’s every part,

Growing too quickly

And gaining popularity easily.

She was the beauty

Kept inside the deepest of souls,

Soft and low

That made every star to bow,

She had the charismatic appearance

And soul, full of melodies.
He resided in the drums

And her soul,

In the violins.
Yet, they united

And became the symphony,

Too beautiful to believe

And too great to not relive.