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Five Must Reads For All Young Adults

Reading is a pastime to some, and a passion to others. Sometimes you read a book so special that you want to carry it around for months after you’ve finished just to stay near it.

“A reader lives a thousand lives before  dies, a man who does not read lives only one.”- George RR Martin.

Here I’ve compiled a short list of must-read books, some popular, some that haven’t achieved the lofty success they would’ve hoped for, but all nonetheless, amazing.


  1. The Kite Runner (Khaled Hosseini)

Set against the ever-changing political backdrop of Afghanistan, the book tells the story of the son of a rich merchant, Amir, and the son of his father’s servant, Hassan.

It is a heartbreaking story of friendship and betrayal, of love and redemption that emotionally grips the reader till the very end.


  1. The Namesake (Jhumpa Lahiri)

The Namesake is Jhumpa Lahiri’s debut novel after having previously won the Pulitzer Prize at the age of 32.

It views the Ganguli family from their tradition-bound life in Calcutta through their fraught transformation into Americans.

Lahiri reveals not only the defining power of the names and expectations bestowed upon us by our parents but also the means by which we slowly come to define ourselves out of their shadow.


  1. To Kill a Mockingbird (Harper Lee)

Told through the point of view of the 6-year-old Scout Finch, the story recounts a crisis that rocks her Alabama hometown when the African American Thom Robinson is accused of raping a young white woman.

Scout’s father, Atticus Finch, is the lawyer appointed to represent Robinson. Alternately humorous and brutally honest, the novel looks critically at social issues of class, race, sexual politics, and the (sometimes) ironic injustice of the American legal system.


  1. Wonder (R.J Palacio)

The main plotline of Wonder revolves around one thing: being different. August ‘Auggie’ Pullman is born with a facial deformity which hinders his ability to live life the way he would like to.

Wonder forces you to put yourself in Auggie’s shoes and think for one second, “What would it be like to be August?”

At its core, it’s a novel that inspires you to find and truly be yourself against all odds.


  1. The Great Gatsby (F. Scott Fitzgerald)

When people say this is the best book ever written, they’re not kidding.

Every scene is unforgettable- from the grandest party ever recorded to the tensest fight ever written; from the most perfect dark twisted love affair of all time to the saddest funeral imaginable.

Accomplishing all this in a few pages is really a remarkable feat by Fitzgerald.




All About the Lens

Manali Melody by Sagarika Debnath

Sagarika Debnath is the Head of All About The Lens which is the Photography Department of BLACK | Grey | WHITE Magazine. We are proud to have her in our Team and she has showcased the beautiful vision that she has in every picture that she takes. It takes real talent and beauty to capture something very magical in something ordinary.

Here is a video that she made. Be sure to check it out and read what some BGW members and readers have to say about her work and vision.

After releasing every Issue, people say the same thing, “You have one hell of a Photographer”.
And I say the same thing, “I know. I’m a huge fan, too. I’ve loved her vision and photography ever since I’ve known her.
– Manavi Kunwar
Founder and Editor-In-Chief


Sagarika’s photographs show exactly how she looks at things. She takes pictures from unusual angles which give the picture meaning and an insight. They show how stunning simple reality can be.
-Saleha Siddiqui
Founder and Editor-In-Chief


She takes me into the other world of desires, where everything seems a fantasy only to realise that all of that was real. She makes me see how beautiful the world is.
– Arzoo Siddiqui
Member, Marketing Minions


The photographs that she captures portray the emotions and textures with such vividness, like an omnipresent soul is present however varied may the readers’ thoughts be.
– Abhishek Matthew George


Sagarika has an eye for beauty and she has the ability to combine it with creativity. Her skills give meaning to her pictures in the best way possible.
– Ishika Marwah


Her pictures are not only visually aesthetic, they also provide inner happiness to self as well. The way she captures ordinary faces, scenes and things in extraordinary and beautiful.
– Juvairiah Khan
Head, Illustrations and Artworks


She has got this extremely beautiful way of capturing the things around her. You can count me in as her fan. I definitely look forward to seeing more of her photography.
 -Sumaiya Rizvi
Photographer, All About The Lens
All About the Lens, Illustrations and Artworks, Writer's Clan

Issue #4 August 2017

Hi Everyone!

BLACK | Grey | WHITE is excited to release our Issue #4 August 2017!

For our August Issue, we’ve worked really hard to come up with better and more engaging content. BGW Minis inspired by Terrible Tiny Tales, Travel Piece, Reviews and a lot of amazing pictures as usual!

We have a lot of great stuff in this Issue and would be very grateful if you see the Issue! Be sure to check it out!

The amazing cover picture was shot by Sagarika Debnath!

Click Here to view the latest Issue of BGW:

Issue #4 August 2017


Screen Shot 2017-08-15 at 4.24.58 PM
Issue #4 August 2017
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Issue #3 July 2017


The Issue #3 July 2017 is out now!

Click on this link to download the PDF of this: http://www.blackgreywhitemagazine.wordpress.com

Issue #3 July 2017

Issue #3 July 2017

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Treat To My Soul

Chirping birds,

Dancing leaves,

Wanderlust winds,

Harmonious rains,

Charismatic Oceans;

Enthrall me.
Your soothing eyes,

Deep soul,

Unexplored heart,

Intoxicating talks;

Mesmerize me.
Our beautiful dreams,

Glowing smiles,

Intertwined aura,

Peaceful togetherness;

Heals me.

The true beauty

Defined that I have,

Shows me

Your soul

And nature’s role;

Make my heart to greet

And for this soul,

Become a delicious treat.